Extending compassion to the neglected poor around the world. 

Building Bridges in the DRC

Alongside critical partners, HOPE is building critical bridges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These bridges enable people to access the markets, hospitals and schools they need to thrive. You can make a difference today! 

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Every HOPE International Development Agency effort helps people become free from poverty through their own initiative.



HOPE is fighting human trafficking in the border region of Myanmar and Thailand in partnership with the International Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation.

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Clean Water

Access to clean water has a profound impact on families struggling to survive in Cambodia and Ethiopia, enabling them to grow healthy food and reduce waterborne diseases.

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Small economic inputs result in big changes for families living in extreme poverty in rural Nepal and the remote communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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HOPE partners with hospitals and clinics in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Pakistan, Cambodia and the Philippines to provide medical supplies.

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You can help lift families out of poverty.

HOPE projects around the world are enabling people to free themselves from poverty - for life. All they need is a little help from you.

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