Providing medical supplies to hospitals in need


Hospitals and clinics throughout the developing world struggle to provide medicine and medical supplies to poor and marginalized people. Marginalized people are often dependent on these clinics or hospitals because private health care is too costly, while middle and upper class groups can afford private plans. HOPE’s mission to directly aid the neediest of the needy comes into play through the Goods-In-Kind (GIK) program. The GIK program provides donated medicines and medical supplies to medical providers in areas of need.

HOPE receives supplies from partners in the US who consolidate donated medical supplies and medicines from manufacturers. Because HOPE works directly with programs on the ground, donations can be carefully selected to address the needs of specific areas and

partners. These important programs are located in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Pakistan, Cambodia and the Philippines. Working with programming partners, who often work with health providers on the local, regional and national level, creates a stronger pipeline of appropriate donations to those in need.

Custom supply shipments are created based on the specific program needs and have included over the counter basic medicines that are used in rural community pharmacies, antibiotics used in AIDS treatment, and drugs that are often unavailable for patients in mental health clinics/hospitals (eg. psychotropics), among many others. Through HOPE’s many partnerships on this project, medical supplies are able to get to those who need them most.

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Dominican Republic
Health workers in the Dominican Republic who are supported by HOPE take stock of their medical inventory.